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Benitez Dental Clinic is located in the beautiful Erindale neighborhood just minutes from Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga, Ontario.

Our wonderful team offers everything from routine checkups and teeth cleanings and dental emergencies to cosmetic dental work such as Invisalign, Dental Crowns, and Dentures. We place a big focus not just on excellence in dentistry but also on delivering amazing customer service and creating a unique experience for each patient.

You can book an appointment online using the Request an Appointment button, or just give us a quick call and our wonderful team will be happy to help you.

The Benitez Advantage

Benitez Dental Clinic - Mississauga

Welcoming New Patients

Welcome to Benitez Dental Clinic, a family-run dental clinic located in Mississauga that prides itself on expanding the boundaries of excellence in dentistry and customer service. We always take the time to offer you comprehensive care and are flexible to your family’s lifestyle. Give us a call and chat with one of our wonderful receptionists to learn more.

Benitez Dental Clinic - Mississauga

We Understand You

At our practice, our utmost priority is to ensure that every patient enjoys a positive and comfortable experience. We recognize that each patient brings with them a distinctive story encompassing their health history, desires, and needs. Understanding that no two mouths are identical, we dedicate ample time to truly see and appreciate each new patient as the unique individual they are. Our team is here to actively listen and engage in meaningful discussions so that together, we can collaboratively create a personalized treatment plan that caters to your specific requirements. Additionally, we take pride in utilizing cutting-edge technology, such as the latest CBPT scanner, which enables us to capture precise three-dimensional images of your mouth. Furthermore, we employ an intraoral scanner instead of traditional impressions, ensuring a more comfortable and accurate process for our patients.

Benitez Dental Clinic - Mississauga

Family Friendly & Kid Focused

Our family-friendly team of dentists and hygienists in Mississauga want to ensure your children are comfortable visiting the dentist. From their very first appointment and beyond– children’s dentistry comes with its own unique set of milestones and challenges. We have the training and knowledge to monitor their dental health journey and gently encourage a lifetime of good oral health and hygiene in a way that works for both kids and parents.

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Patient Testimonials

A Longtime Patient Experience

Alyssa Rivera

Everyone is really nice, they have a reminder set so you won't miss your appointment, they follow up if there's a free spot earlier than you schedule, and Dr. Sabri is really nice. And highly recommended ❤️

Mildred Guarin

The friendliness, professionalism and the impeccable environment of Benítez Dental Clinic are incomparable. Both me and my family are happy for the confidence and tranquility that the team of dental professionals projects for us together with its administrative staff. We will recommend them to all our future generations. Thank you.

Benitez Dental Clinic - Mississauga

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