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Child’s First Appointment in Mississauga

The first visit to our dental practice marks the beginning of a lifelong journey towards maintaining excellent oral health for your child and ensuring they feel fear-free at the dentist.
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Building a Lifetime of Smiles Begins with Strong Foundations

Empower your children with the foundation of excellent oral hygiene habits, and accompany them on their journey towards achieving dazzling smiles as they grow. We recognize the unique dynamics of family care and understand the special attention that children require. Nurturing a healthy smile is a vital aspect of childhood, and our personalized guidance is tailored to set them on the path to lasting oral well-being.

Preparing for Your Child's First Dental Visit

Feel free to talk to your child about their upcoming dentist appointment. The main goal of their first visit is to have a good time and start liking the dentist. Sometimes, not knowing what to expect can make people feel a little nervous. Here’s what your child can expect during their first appointment:

We Will Talk and Listen

We will talk to you and your child, explain what we’re going to do and why, and show your child some of the tools we use. We will use simple words and make sure your child feels comfortable and not scared.

Gentle Check

We will gently check your child’s gums, tongue, teeth, and health. Our check will find any problems or tricky spots that need more care at home. We will tell you what to do, and we’ll remember to check those spots next time.


We might ask your child to show us how they brush their teeth and then tell them how to do it better. We are happy to answer any questions you or your child have about keeping teeth healthy.

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At your child’s first dental appointment, we will gently check their teeth, gums, and mouth to make sure everything looks and works well. Our main aim is to understand how your child’s mouth is doing. Before we plan any treatments, we want to hear about any concerns you have for your child’s smile, and what you would like to achieve so we can assist you in reaching those goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At around 6 months of age, your child will start getting their first teeth. It’s recommended that children have their first dental appointment by the age of 1 or within 6 months of their first tooth coming in. If you suspect any issues or if your child is experiencing discomfort or pain, please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. It’s never too late for your child’s first dental visit.

It’s important to know that baby teeth are just as crucial as adult teeth. Parents should realize that baby teeth serve many purposes beyond simply making room for permanent teeth. Children’s teeth can significantly influence the appearance of their face, their ability to smile, and how often they smile. Children who feel confident and smile freely during their early years tend to continue these positive habits. Dental discomfort, even if it’s mild and something children get used to, can have long-lasting negative effects on their eating habits. This includes how they chew, their food preferences, and the amount of food they consume.

How long the appointment lasts depends on what the child needs and how willing they are to cooperate during the exam. Usually, an appointment takes around one hour.

Following the first visit, it’s important for your child to keep up with regular dental appointments, just like you do. We recommend a checkup and cleaning every 6 months unless we suggest otherwise. However, if your child experiences a tooth or jaw-ache, or you observe them frequently rubbing or holding their jaw, or avoiding hard or cold foods, please schedule an appointment sooner.

Your mouth and oral health isn’t just your teeth; it’s like a team with many parts, including teeth, tongue, gums, cheeks, glands, ligaments, joints, bone, and more. When one part of your mouth has a problem, it can affect your whole mouth. If your gums are swollen, itchy, sore, or bleeding, it might be a sign of a bigger issue.

If your child is scared to visit the dentist, it’s important to communicate with them and share that many people feel this way. Dentists are trained to help kids feel comfortable, so talk to your dentist about your child’s fears. They can use kid-friendly techniques and explanations to make the experience less scary!

Patient Testimonials

A Longtime Patient Experience

N. A.

This place is hands down the best dental clinic I have been to from front office staff to hygienist to dentist, they are all very friendly, professional and look after their patients. I came to know about them via a simple Google search and was really impressed with all the 5 star reviews about Dr Bashar, and now I know why. Dr Bashar is such a great doctor and very expert and would give honest recommendations. This place is the place for myself and my family in the future for any dental needs.

Mildred Guarin

The friendliness, professionalism and the impeccable environment of Benítez Dental Clinic are incomparable. Both me and my family are happy for the confidence and tranquility that the team of dental professionals projects for us together with its administrative staff. We will recommend them to all our future generations. Thank you.

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