Periodontics, Endodontics and Minor Oral Surgery

Minor Oral Surgeries and Tooth Extractions

If you experience tooth pain, bleeding gums or if you have endured dental trauma, our dentist will consult with you and explore & explain your surgical options. Some minor oral surgeries are performed at our office, more complex procedures are normally referred to specialists, as required. Minor oral surgery & tooth extractions include:

  • Extractions of abscessed teeth
  • Extractions for dentures
  • Complicated extractions of fractured or damaged teeth
  • Minor periodontal and periapical surgeries
  • Drainage and Minor soft tissue surgeries

* Note: Impacted wisdom teeth are referred to an oral maxillo-facial surgeon.

Periodontal Gum Care

Periodontal care is the care of your gums. Gum redness, inflammation and soreness may be a sign that you have gum disease. Consult with our dentists for a full assessment of your gums and discuss possible treatment options. Early detection and treatment are the key to a healthy long-lasting smile. Call us to schedule an appointment.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal therapy is the only way to save the tooth from deep decay, fracture or trauma that can lead to necrosis or death of the pulp tissues and nerve inside the tooth. Our team of experts use the latest technology to ensure that the procedure is as comfortable and as pain free as possible. Benitez Dental Clinic, Mississauga performs root canal therapy (Endodontics) in their offices. More complex cases will be referred to an Endodontist or Root Canal Specialist.

For more information please contact our office.

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